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Tips on buying Truck Shells

May 6, 2019 / 0 Comments / 4363 / Blog

Tips on buying truck shells – types of removable covers

So, you finally got that new truck you’ve been wanting for a long time? Congratulations! But now that it’s parked safely in your driveway, you can’t stop thinking about how it looks so naked. You’re considering a shell or a top, maybe even a hard lid-type cover, but there are so many options. Where do you begin?

Let’s start then – the first thing you should look for and start learning about is the different types of removable covers. Here are some you should consider getting:

SnugTop Covers
Do you want a good shell that’s easy to remove? Consider a SnugTop. With a J-hook style installation, it works like a champ.

On a side note, this brand makes their tops as custom fits. The base rails of a SnugTop are a contoured fit, meaning you will feel the shell fit in place when you mount it on the bed.

Another great thing about these is that they come with a bulb rubber seal built-in along the base rail. The meaning of this? There is no seal to have to re-do when you remove and reinstall the shell.

The tops from the Leer brand have rubber seals and J-hooks as well, but when it comes to the J-hooks, theirs are different.

Seeing as how most manufacturers require a foam tape to be installed along the base rails to seal the shell to the bed, take the time to inform yourself about the weight of these brands of shells. Remember, if you don’t replace that tape when replacing the shell, it will leak after you reinstall it.

The weight of these shells will be between 150 and 200 lbs, depending on how monstrous your truck actually is.

Pro-Tip: Ask for the Boards the Shell Was Shipped On

When planning on removing a shell after you buy it, ask the dealer for the boards that the shell comes with. By acquiring these, you can reuse them when you set the top on the ground for storage.

Don’t worry, you won’t cross any lines since these boards generally get thrown away. The dealer will gladly give them to you.

Another useful thing to remember is that a lot of truck shells now have what is known as ‘wrap-rails-for-a-nice-custom-fit-look’. These rails get damaged pretty easily, so having the boards that shell is shipped with really come in handy.

We hope this article was able to help you decide which shell is the best option for your awesome, new truck.


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